Empowering Independence: The Journey of JENA in Revolutionising Solo Entrepreneurship

Jean-Michel Chalayer
April 19, 2024

Founded in 2023, JENA emerged from a vision held by serial-entrepreneurs Jean-Michel, co-founder of the successful tech-enabled beauty services marketplace, LeSalon, and Nabil, his co-founder and seasoned full-stack developer and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience supporting independent professionals, they identified a crucial gap: a comprehensive software solution tailored for self-employed wellness and beauty experts.

Today, JENA stands at the forefront, revolutionising how a growing number of freelancers manage their businesses. Our platform is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst transforming the work lives of solopreneurs. From dynamic website creation to streamlined scheduling, efficient payment processing, and innovative marketing strategies, JENA has it all.

JENA is designed in collaboration with business owners. We have created an easy to use tool that is designed to grow your business. We have witnessed first-hand the journey of business owners who scaled from sporadic bookings to weeks of fully-booked schedules.

The Inspiration Behind JENA

Rewind to a few years ago. Our team, working closely with talented nail technicians, masseuses, and hairdressers on the LeSalon platform, recognised a recurring challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these struggles, reshaping work dynamics globally.

Managing a solo beauty business involves juggling numerous tasks - scheduling, marketing, payment collections, and more. The lack of dedicated resources to ease these burdens was evident. Leveraging insights from LeSalon, we embarked on a mission: to design an all-in-one platform empowering these professionals to excel.

Fast forward to today, and JENA is a reality. It’s a hub for not just business management but also for learning and community building. We proudly support freelancers in redefining their work approach, ensuring their businesses thrive sustainably.

Shaping the Future of Work with JENA

The digital era continually reshapes our work environment. In this tech-driven world, independent professionals need a centralised system to excel. JENA represents this evolution, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources.

Our platform aligns with the aspirations of self-employed individuals seeking autonomy, flexibility, and success. JENA equips solopreneurs with cutting-edge technology, educational resources, and a supportive community, nurturing their growth.

Embrace independence with JENA. Set your hours, chase your passions, and build a thriving business. We're not just a service; we're a partner in your entrepreneurial journey. Join us in revolutionising the future of work.

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