JENA Raises £1.2M to Empower Solo Business Owners and Fuel Growth 🚀

Jean-Michel Chalayer
April 26, 2024

Big News: £1.2M Funding Secured

We’ve got some big news: Last week, we announced that JENA has raise a whopping £1.2m in funding 🥳🤩

This is huge deal, and it’s coming from investors who believe in YOU and the JENA movement.

Why? Because they see what we see - a community of amazing solo business owners who are ready to leave the juggling, the hassle, and the headaches behind.

What This Means for You

So what does this mean for you? It means JENA is about to get a whole lot better. With this funding, we'll be building the features you've been dreaming of. Together, we’ll build the tools for YOU to make running your business a piece of cake 🍰

Sneak Peek at Our Roadmap

Want to see what's coming? Check out our roadmap and get excited!

Growing Team of Experts

But that's not all. As JENA grows, so does our team. You've already met our incredible Bella, and get ready to meet a whole squad of experts. With JENA, the customer service is always 5* - that’s our promise to you!

JENA Is Here to Stay

And the best part? JENA is here to stay. This money means we're not going anywhere, and we're so pumped to have you with us on this journey of growth 🚀

Together, we're building something really special - a community, a movement, and a rocket ship that's going to take your business to the stars! 🌟

The Future Is Bright

So get excited, JENA Superstars, because this is just the beginning. Get ready to wake up to fully booked calendars, rave reviews, and your business running smoother than ever. That's the future we're building together!

Let's do this! 💪

JM and the JENA Dream Team

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